Fielding truly makes a difference in this game to the extent where pitching cards are affected because of the defense playing behind them.  If your team gets to way more balls in play than other defenses, then the pitcher cards have to be adjusted.  Errors are also accurate for each different position played.  Also,  Infielders are rated for turning the double play, outfielders for assists & runner advances on hits,  and catchers for controlling the running game.


"Again, my thanks.  Your product is outstanding.  First Class:  best game evah!  And, let it be said, your customer service is second to none."

-- Roger R, Bristol, Rhode Island

"Since I have you I want to say this has turned into my favorite game to play.  You have produced in my opinion the best combination of game features and playability.  I just received the four fac sets and they are excellent. The quality components of this game are well worth the price" 

-- Don W, Hermitage PA

​"What I really love about this game is that you really feel where things are coming from ... and the flow, I can just knock out a game ...  Except your game doesn’t turn into a roll fest, meaning those games once you have memorized the boards, you get bored. Your game the lookups are intuitive and you feel the game more.  I get good immersion with your game without any degree of real difficulty."  -- Tod B, Nazareth, PA

"Fall Classic is a fun and accurate game. It is now part of my rotation of games on my tabletop."  -- Steve B, Long Island

"Fun game and grabbed me right away, Very smooth play with most AB's settled with one roll.  Very good ball park, error, and range lookups and I like the Bullpen Session roll at the beginning of the game.  Lots involved.  Cards are done Beautifully." 
--- Fuzzy D, Portland CT

“Playing games from 1946 and 2016, I quickly noted how easily Fall Classic Baseball delivers the feel of both eras with no alterations.

It’s easy.  It’s fun.  It delivers great baseball feel across periods.” --- Joe R, Hartford CT

Fall Classic Baseball brings all of the thrills of managing a big league baseball team to your kitchen table.  Call the hit and run, steal a base, is it time to pull the pitcher?  All of these decisions are yours to make as you guide your roster towards a pennant.  Play today's stars against Hall of Fame greats in what-if match ups.  You're in control, so enjoy the show and see if your team can go home with a victory in the Fall Classic.


Manage Baseball's Greatest Stars to see if YOU can win the pennant !!!


You're the manager of baseball's all-time greats!

Big league batters hit just like they do in real life.  Each individual batting card is calculated to match the player's stats for that season to within one of the actual number for all of the hitting stats ... singles, doubles, triples, homeruns, walks, hit by pitch, and strikeouts  So, if your star hit 35 homers that year, the card will produce between 34.5 and 35.5 homers given an even distribution of dice rolls.  But remember, hot dice can make a great player even better!

Major league pitchers will pitch just like they do in real life.  Each individual pitching card is calculated to match the player's stats for that season in all of the major pitching stats ... hits allowed, walks allowed, homeruns allowed, and strikeouts.  So, if your star struck out 300 batters that year, the card will produce the same given an even distribution of dice rolls.  Also, pitchers are rated for endurance and wild pitches.  Even those pitchers with minimal hits and walks allowed can perform to their true abilities in an easy to play format.