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​Game players around the country are raving with the way these FACs speed up the play and flow of the game without having to refer to charts.  From the Fall Classic and TTS forums at Delphi we are getting comments like, "I'm around 100 games into a 1986 AL replay and am definitely an advocate of the FACs.  The game is super smooth with them and the few times I have to refer to the charts are not a problem at all." ... "Yep, they save having to reach for the "book." It's really neat the way these cards work. (And normally, I hate FACs. Well, I used to. <g>)" - Joe ... "The FACs make playing a breeze, and eleven columns of number combinations on each card can ensure randomness." ... 

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Thanks to Curt and his fine programming skills in making these available.

The Fast Action Cards (FACs) below are a new innovation to the game.  They virtually eliminate the use of all boards and can even replace the dice to give you a nice quick and quiet game.  There are 180 two sided FACs in each of the 4 sets that are offered.

The top of the FAC shows 3 different types of dice rolls in 11 different columns.  There are close to 6,000 dice combinations in each set to give you an almost endless array of combinations.  Plus, they have been evenly distributed so that each set has the same number of 66's as 25's. 

The first row shows the roll of a pair of D6's (D36 combinations), the second row a D20, and the third row a single D6.

Flip one FAC, get the dice roll, look at the batter card, and if an out refer to the middle out section.  One flip and you are done.  Base runner advances have a myriad of possibilities testing the fielder's ability to turn a double play, or stop runners from advancing on fly outs.  The base situations are built into each card as follows:

Ground outs show runner advances: 1 (runner on 1st), 2 (runner on 2nd), 3 (runner on 3rd), 1+2 (runners on 1st and 2nd), 1+3, 2+3, and Full

Fly outs show runner advances: 1-2 (going 1st to 2nd), 2-3 (going 2nd to 3rd), and 3-H (going 3rd to home).

The bottom left corner in green shows defense chances for errors, and range to prevent base hits for dice rolls 51, 52, and 53.

The bottom right corner shows advances on base hits: 1-3 (1st to 3rd on a single), 2-H (2nd to home), and 1-H (1st to home on a double)