Manage Baseball's Greatest Stars to see if YOU can win the pennant !!!

How to play

​Here is a batter card (Williams) and a pitcher card (Larsen) to illustrate how easy the game is played.

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Roll a pair of dice, one red and one white and read them as a two digit number.  For example, if you roll a red 1 and a white 6 you have rolled 16.  Look at the batter card and you see that Williams has 16 WALK ... a walk.

He comes up against Larsen a second time and rolls 35. Williams has a blank in that spot so you refer to Larsen's card.

If Larsen has his good stuff that day you refer to column A at dice roll 35 and he gets Williams OUT.  He's on his 'A' game.

If column B it's a SINGLE if a D20 roll is 1-12.  13-20 is an out.

If column C is used, it's a SINGLE (no D20 roll is needed).

Before a pitcher takes the mound for that game you determine with what is called the Bullpen Session whether he uses: column A (good stuff) ... B (average) ... C (below average)

Williams comes up a third time and the dice roll is 55.  

Roll a D20 from 1-7 and it's a HOMERUN, 8 is a TRIPLE,

and 9-20 (the remainder) is a DOUBLE.